Medicaid Provider Relief Fund

New Information on Reporting

New Opportunity for Funding

This new opportunity opened on October 5th and will require similar application and reporting elements that earlier availabilities had.

Updated Information on the new opportunity described above is available here.
Reporting Update

Reporting Policy

Reporting system to be available 1 October

  • Guidance for reporting for providers who received in excess of $10,000 has been released and is available here

  • This is an important update to the information received earlier and needs to be reviewed carefully!

Original Links re Application:

Here are a few helpful links:

1) This will take you to the HHS web page with access to the FAQs, Recording of their informational webinars, application form and entry to the portal itself.  The webinar recording also include slides on each step of the process with screenshots to help you know what to expect.

2) Medicaid Provider Relief Fund Application downloadable form:
3.) Medicaid Provider Relief Fund Instructions:

4.) Medicaid Provider Relief Fund Payment Portal:

5.) Medicaid Provider Relief Fund Terms and Conditions:

6.) CARES Act Provider Relief Fund FAQs:…

7.) this link will take you the FAQs that we have been monitoring

8.) NPI Registry: