Memo re Temporary 12.5% Rates Increases Has Been Published

October 08, 2021

The Memo (dated 6 October) has been posted; 


  • Claims processed 8 October and after (within the restrictions of the temporary rate) can be submitted at the increased amount for services billed directly to DMAS.  This includes all of the DD Waiver Services! 
  • The MCOs and BHSA will implement the changes on a prospective basis by 22 October meaning claims with dates of service on or after 22 October will include the increase. 
  • They are still working on the options for reprocessing of claims to alleviate the burden on providers.

We are seeking a bit more clarification from DMAS and will share when we get it. 

Temporary DD Waiver Rates

Temporary BH and ARTS Rates – This list is being removed from the DMAS website as it contains a number of errors!