MES on a Monday Morning

April 04, 2022

We have some additional, useful information to report and, so far, no “glitches!”  No promises, but so far, so good!


  • On the Provider Quicklinks page we have posted additional information about taxonomu codes and, for DDE (Direct Data Entry) billers, the two places the code must be used
  • The “ZZ” Provider ID is not (as of 6:30am) in the “Billing Provider Information” box in the lower right hand corner of the templates which “rolled over” from the legacy system.  It, did not seem to make a difference in the submission of a claim (we will not know until tomorrow morning if it made a difference in the payment); they are already working on that!
  • The “Manage My Information” option under the Maintenance Tab is very helpful – click on “Specialties” and scroll down to see the taxonomy codes for each service.

Manage My Information does contain a lot of information – may be a good time to try to do some “housekeeping” on your account!