MES Update

April 03, 2022

It looks like all is well!?!?!  The issues that came up during today’s testing seemed manageable; the common issues for providers were:

  • The PRSS shows multiple NPI Numbers – if you have multiple NPI/API numbers which are active and you use them today – you may find the functionality of being able to switch between helpful.  If you do not use multiple numbers, they are likely old/inactive preserved in the DMAS historical record.  They can be removed, but in the meantime, just be sure to select the appropriate number in all functions.
  • The screens for claim status, service authorizations, eligibility and claims entry are identical to those you are used to; and the billing templates still exist (you may need to select “user level” v “NPI level”)
  • Payment history is still there, though the current week was not (yet).
  • There is a search function for memos vs the search by year feature that was used.

Thank you to Kim Ackerman, Debbie McIvor, Barbara Tate, Vivienne Baker and Jackie Myrick for spending some of Sunday on the call AND thank you to DMAS for letting us “test” before the system goes live tomorrow.