MES – Week 2

April 10, 2022

Reports about payments are still trending positive, and DMAS has agreed to work on a number of the issues with Forms, Manuals and Memos.  In the meantime, we will need to try to work around the ‘search” feature until we learn the magic words to use!  Of course, today, it does not work at all!   If you are desperate for a form, or memo, or properly formatted manual, let me know!

There have been a number of rather random (or seemingly random) glitches – each one is being worked out as they occur and, with time, they will be fewer and fewer.   For example, this morning the payment history showed a total for payment on 4/15/2022, but the RA was not available. 

We also now know that DBHDS has decided that the workaround for the failure of the PRSS Provider numbers to populate in WaMS (causing a problem for anyone trying to modify a current Service Auth) was to have the Service Coordinator create a new record.  Probably not terribly difficult now – though time consuming for both the provider and the SC in the exchange of emails/phone calls etc., but since it will appear that this is a “newly created” ISP it looks like any update done after 5/3/2022 may require a whole new plan.    Let’s hope I am interpreting this incorrectly!