Money Committees Report Out!

February 05, 2017

As is usual on a Sunday afternoon just before “crossover,” today the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Finance Committee reported their respective amendments to the Governor’s Budget.  We have updated our “chart” as a quick way for you to see what was included by each committee.  You may also want to read their reports, however there are two notes of caution:
  • The committee reports also include items which were in the Governor’s Budget, so it may look more robust than it really is, and
  • The reports posted today do not include all of the “half-sheets” which details the items.  The rest will be available on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Of the amendments specifically requested by VNPP both the alternate for the SIS Validation Study which requires a detailed look at the entire process and the impact study on the Sponsored Rates are included on the Senate side.  There are others of definite interest on the list! Remember that as the process unfolds, amendments which appear in both reports are relatively certain to be in the final budget; amendments which appear in neither will probably not be in the final budget, and amendments which appear in one report are still items for negotiation. We will be developing our strategy this week after all of the half-sheets are available and will keep you posted.