More News That We Did Not Get To This Morning!

May 29, 2020

  • COVID 19 Data on Positive Cases and Deaths has been posted (see the COVID19 page under the “NEWS” tab) and, as we said this morning, continues to look pretty good. While no deaths have been reported for this week, the data for last week was updated to bring the total number of deaths reported in the “community” across all disabilities and services to 24 with positive cases numbering 306.  Considering the thousands of individuals supported by public and private community services, that is a tribute to everyone’s hard work!  While it is likely a slight “undercount” because of individuals who do not have daily or weekly services and may not be identified for a period of time, it is still clear that providers have done well supporting a very vulnerable population.
  • On an entirely different note, some of the Fieldprint Offices have started to reopen; as the practice requires, your new hires should be attempting to schedule with Fieldprint so you have the “denial” for your record, if the office in your area has reopened the appointment may well be scheduled.  You can then have anyone recently hired who did not get an appointment, try again to schedule.  Be certain that you keep all of the copies for the record!  We will be asking this week for an “official” DBHDS memo to cover the work-around that providers have been using.
  • There have been several memos from the Office of Licensing recently (and NEWSFLASH many more are on the way!); if you are not getting the memos, use the link below that Jae Benz provided:

Please click on this link to sign up to receive Office Of Licensing important emails/memos: Sign-Up Link

  • Last note for today – the Governor’s review has been completed on the Licensing Regs (the proposed final regulations that began with Emergency Regs in September 2018).  They will be posted for 30 days of comment on 22 June.  We will do a review over the weekend, but a quick read suggests no surprises! The text is available here:

  Be safe and have a good weekend – remember who you are and why you do what you do.  You deserve all the praise and support available to give and make me proud to represent you!