More on the Valentine’s Day Post (Massacre?)

February 17, 2021

Sorry- too good to pass up!

When I posted the Happy Valentine’s Day news, I was not aware of a couple of additional key facts:

  • The notice from the Office of Licensing (originally sent on Friday), did not go to the usual list of providers.  As more and more emails came in saying that it had not been received, we linked the notice to the original Post; we had already sent the Attachment reformatted into 8.5×11 size and linked it also.  We did report the apparent distribution problem and the notice was sent again this morning.  Sadly, the original time frames in the Notice were not adjusted; if you can not comply, ask for an extension!
  • In addition, I was unaware of how accurate our “current information” about the QSR Round 2 actually was – the Round 2 emails went out on Friday and the lists of required documents, site visits, etc. are posted.  Again, this is a huge undertaking layered on top of another.
  • We have heard from a number of providers that they have not received the HSAG report for the Round 1 review (and clearly, then, have not received any requested corrective action to be completed before Round 2).

On a slightly divergent track, the HCBS site inspections (DMAS is the lead on this one) are moving along – we will spend some time on the Member’s Call talking about issues that have arisen.