New News for a Monday

September 21, 2020

There are several new items which may be important for you to check that we have posted on the website:

  • Check the Provider Quicklinks – there is notice of revisions in two DBHDS Guidance documents (Reporting Serious Incidents and Quality Improvement) which will be posted for comment on the 28th of September for 30 days
  • There is also notice of a revision in the Licensing Regs which is currently open for comment; note the explanation of the change which is also in Provider Quicklinks.
  • On the COVID 19 Suggested Protocols¬† page under the News Tab we have share another “Reopening” protocol which may be helpful as you explore your options, and
  • On the Medicaid Provider Relief page (also under the News Tab) we have posted critical information about the required reporting if you accepted funds from the Provider Relief Fund!

And as a follow-up to the Member Call of last Friday:
  • We should have additional clarity very soon on any issues relating to acceptance of retainer payments and program closure; and
  • We have requested yet another conversation with the individuals at DBHDS who monitor the performance of HSAG to get answer on the growing list of concerns including:
    • additions made to the list of individuals to be reviewed both without notice to the provider and at the “last minute”
    • a request for a provider to add another name to their list (hardly in keeping with the concept of a random sample) because a selected individual refused the “voluntary” interview
    • reviewer who asked questions which were clearly unrelated to the services being provided and/or to the age of the individual – when told that a 15 year old can not vote, the reviewer explained that she did not know the “laws of this country.”
    • questions often “challenge” families and, therefore, upset or intimidate