News for a Wednesday

May 12, 2021

We have a bit of this and that including a fairly important question! 

Question #1 – Have you been informed by any of your dental providers that the do intend to expand their practice and utilize the Adult Dental Benefit from Medicaid beginning in July?  OR Have you been informed by any of your dental providers of their intent to end their participation with Medicaid?  Please email the details to me!

Not a question,  just a clarification – DMAS is making it very clear that they do not consider Support Coordinators, QMR/QSR or HCBS Reviewers, or other regulatory personnel  to be “visitors.”  They do, however, respect the provider’s right to try to minimize possible exposures and request that good faith attempts be made to accommodate the face-to-face interactions.

An issue of concern – IMU continues to push providers to document their mitigation and remediation actions following a reportable incident on either the initial CHRIS report or upon follow-up to the report within 48 hours.  A strategy that seems to work is to delineate “immediate” issues that could be addressed to prevent further harm and defer longer term solutions once the Root Cause Analysis is complete; if there is no immediate issue to resolve that can be communicated!

TSADF Criteria Grid – You have to download it to know what TSADF means to the QMR Staff!

We are also reviewing the “new” Supervisor’s Training for DD Waiver Supervisors – if you have thoughts, please share!