News for Mid-Week (Updated Mid-Day!)

March 23, 2022

Just a couple of items:

  • The “Worker Safety Board” has, as predicted, voted to lift the Rule that was implemented to address the pandemic; as of this morning it is technically still in place, but the Governor is certainly advertising the Board’s decision of earlier this week.  The new Guidance (still technically a draft) is attached here.  
  • On the Federal level, ANCOR has submitted testimony to the US Senate Special Committee on Aging on the importance and current fragility of home-based (HCBS) services; the testimony is worth the read if for no other reason than to put the situation in Virginia into a larger context.  And last, but no surprise . . .
  • The initial steps of the roll-out of the DMAS MES system have had a few stumbles; it seems, however, that DMAS is collectively working to identify and address the  issues as they come up.  Keep checking the Provider Quicklinks page for updates and information as we get it. 

And one more item!  DMAS just released an update on “flexibilities!”