News from the Annual Meeting!

October 21, 2022

We wrapped up the year with our Annual Meeting over breakfast yesterday morning; we will do a followup post on the Conference later, but wanted to share the election results and other news from the Annual Meeting first:

  • VNPP remains in sound financial shape with a substantial reserve account and adequate operating funds.  Membership is steady (and we hope that some of the non-members who were with us for all or part of the conference will be interested in joining!)
  • The members present heard for several very qualified candidates for positions on the Board:
    • Sean McGinnis and Bobbie Hansel-Union were re-elected for another term;
    • Gail Dutchess (Capriccio Elite in Galax), Susan Keenan (Community Living Alternatives in Fairfax) and Clif MacDonald (GoodLife Corporation in New Market) were elected to fill three vacant positions.
    • Ken Crum, Jon Morris and Arthur Ginsberg were thanked for their service.
  • Arthur was honored with the VNPP Leadership Award for his years of dedicated service in a wide range of positions and roles!  We will miss him when her retires next year!
  • Bobbie announced the approximately 45 individuals have committed to the newly formed Association of Virginia Positive Behavior Support Facilitators for which VNPP has served as “an incubator” for the past year.  Congratulations to Bobbie and all of the “founders” who have worked so hard to make this happen!