Not Only Did They Adjourn Sine Dei, but . . .

February 25, 2023

Note:  Sine Dei is one of those archaic terms used with legislative process that means “without a day to return.”  So at this point (without complete resolution on the Conference Report on HB1400 which is the Budget), all other business was accomplished and when they have something more to vote on, the Governor will call them back into Session.  The items that were approved:
  • revenue appropriations for mandatory deposits in the Revenue Stabilization Fund,
  • deposits to the VRS Trust Fund,
  • deposits to address shortfalls in the funding of capital projects, and
  • appropriations to plug the “hole” in the public education funding that was due to a bookkeeping error!

Looking ahead to next year:

  • We will see the only biennial budget that Youngkin can present; we know his predisposition to “big statement initiatives” and suspect that he will be looking ahead to a future election!  
  • We will also see a huge turnover in Delegates;  some will become Senators, but an amazing number have decided that the time has come to just resign/retire and do something else with their lives.  That means many new faces and a lot of “education.”
  • By my rough count and having listened to a number of emotional floor speeches in the last few days, it looks like at least 20% of the House will be new and more than 10% of the Senate.  We will know more after the primaries in June!

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