Now That We Have Recovered from the Session . . .

May 24, 2024

There are a couple of interesting, important, and/or entertaining updates for a pre-holiday Friday afternoon:

  • The DOJ Contempt Hearing which had been rescheduled from earlier in the year and was planned for yesterday and today was again postponed.  This time it was not just a scheduling issue, but rather the Judge issued a continuance.   The word on the street is that the parties (DOJ vs the Commonwealth) are still negotiating and apparently Judge Gibney would be happy to let them work out as much as they can by themselves.
  • We are beginning to receive notices that the various “rules” that were issued at the Federal Level (the “Access” Rule, the 504 update, the DOL Overtime Rule, etc.) are being challenged in the courts.  Notice was received today that the Nursing Home Staffing Rule has been challenged in a federal lawsuit filed in the Northern District of Texas.   And we know that “business groups” have challenged the DOL Revision to the Overtime Rule.  Be mindful, however, that a challenge does not make the rule go away and at this time none of the rules have been “stayed.”  The first requirement of the overtime rule goes into place in just over one month!  Look at the details in our earlier NewsPost!
  • As we “teased” on the Member Call last week – we are finalizing our agreement with SESCO who will provide us with expert guidance and materials in our efforts to deal with a multitude of Labor and Employment issues.  Watch for an announcement to VNPP Members soon!
  • Last, for this week . . . As we look forward to significant upgrades on the Behavioral Health side of the house, with a new (date to be determined) re-procured contract with the MCOs and the revision of services (BRAVO 2.0?) which is described in the budget here and to the first phase of new Waiver slots to be allocated to the individuals on the Priority 1 Waitlist (50% of which are children or adolescents and 25% who are age 13 or younger), VNPP is gearing up to provide a forum for providers to understand the needs and issues and ways to provide the support needed.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!