Numbers Are Our Friends

November 11, 2019

We have spoken recently about being overwhelmed with data and starving for real information; that is true, but we can work with what we have.  For example, if you payroll data, you know how many hours of overtime you paid in your last payroll.  So you could say “We paid X overtime hours during the last pay period because we have vacant positions.”  Or, you could say “X% of the hours we paid to DSPs during our last payroll were overtime hours – at time and a half! The biggest issue is that we have vacant positions we struggle to fill.” Either of the above are clear and concise statements you can make to your legislator that will be memorable and will make an impression!  Be prepared, however, to answer the inevitable question – “What can be done to “fix” the problem.  The answer, of course, is to support the request to increase the rates! We all need to be better at strategic thinking and concise talking.  What data do you have that in one short sound-bite can tell your story? Later this week we will be finalizing our strategy on how to respond to legislation to increase the minimum wage.  It will be a short, concise  statement with a memorable number.  Numbers are our friends!