Opportunity and Information

October 08, 2020

  • We have “breaking news” that gives a bit of insight into the current budget process – it seems possible that the budget will be final next week and the “conferees” have been working (even without having been specifically appointed); while the legislature is in some conflict with the administration over the amount of  unappropriated balance which is necessary as a safety net, the Senate has targeted a somewhat larger amount to spend that the House and appears ready to make a smaller amount “contingent.”  Remember, however, that the General Assembly will come back into Session in January and all of the FY22 decisions can change yet again!  The communication to the Conferees from VNPP is attached here!


  • We also want to share what may be an opportunity for providers of Employment Supports – DMAS will be hosting a virtual Town Hall on October 14, 2020 from 10am to 12 noon. The working paper on High Needs Supports: Operational Design and Implementation Planning provides the roadmap for DMAS and the Commonwealth more broadly, identifying the necessary implementation planning required for 2020 and beyond. To register –


  • Historically, DMAS has worked with provider groups to discuss issues of concern with “audits.”  While audits are still a feature of provider’s lives, there is an ongoing opportunity for discussion.  You will find the Plan of Action with the 2020 Update here. 

  • And finally – the current estimate for the timeline for the “permanent” DD Waiver Regs (to replace the Emergency Regs which expired in February 2018) is early 2021.  They may open for comments in December!