Opportunity to Comment on the New FMAP

June 12, 2021

As we have been talking about for weeks – part of the American Rescue Plan recently approved by Congress will include a 10% “bump” in the Federal Matching share of the Medicaid funds.  The guidance requires that the funds supplement and not supplant existing HCBS funds.   We provided to DMAS a proposal prior to the release of the funds:
  • First and foremost — keep it simple!
  • Increase provider rates — for the limited time that this “one time” funding is available it will bridge the January 2022 increase in the minimum wage, until the rebased rates are available.
  • And recognize that every provider has a different need — one size does not fit all, this put the flexibility in the hands of the providers.
DMAS has put out a request for more general comment and stakeholder input which is open until 30 June.  You can find the comment forum here.