Protecting Access to Services

March 16, 2020

DMAS hosted a call this morning for their partner agencies and Provider Associations; the focus was on the steps underway to protect access to services.  They were very clear in their understanding that access to services is only possible if the service providers are viable and supported. They did not attempt to give a great deal of detail – the group of the call was very diverse and the call was too large to permit questions.  It is my understanding that they are seeking certain permissions from CMS – in the “Waiver World” that means submitting and Appendix K which is the vehicle to allow states to requests exceptions to the Federal Rules.  And that they are planning a “large” Medicaid Memo. They also are planning for us to have access to more focused calls that are more provider-type specific.  But at this time we know that they are working out telehealth options (there was a specific mention of TDT) and service authorization requirements. I realize that this type of information is not very satisfying as right now all you want a definitive answers and assurances – I do believe that they are working to speed up that part as hard as they can! I have linked again our Issues List – those items “checked off” are settled and those in green are new!