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Regulations Open for Comment

  • Final DD Waiver Regulations will open for comment on 1 March: the full text is available here, the critical changes from the “proposed” regulations are available here.
  • Alignment with BH Enhancement will open for comment 1 February; the Agency Background Document is here.

Guidance Documents Open for Comment

Note from DMAS:
The Manual hasn’t changed significantly since it posted at the end of last year.  We did clarify that 24 hour nursing should have read, 24 hour nursing availability.  This is a regulation change that we are  in the process of making as well.  The final agency review of the manual got understandably slowed down during the COVID-19 response.  Since it has been so long since the public posting, we decided to post again before finalizing.  The drafts are posted in track changes.  We did a significant amount of reorganization and unfortunately those changes are showing as new or deleted language when in most cases, it’s existing language that has moved.  We moved billing information to a newly created Chapter 5 and we moved the IACCT information into its own supplement.  

Department of Labor and Industry (VOSH) Final Standards (27 Jan, 2021)

Guidance Documents in Effect

Note the links above show the changes from the previously proposed documents!

DOJ Settlement Agreement “Library”

Note: The Final DD Waiver Regs are not yet open for comment and have just begun their path through the administrative process – however, the text is not likely to change significantly, so this would be a good time to begin your review!

Text of Final DD Waiver Regulations as of 8 October

  • Basic underscore and strike-through are changes that were present at the proposed stage (some of which, of course, were commented on but not changed);
  • Bracketed underscore and strike-through are changes new to this stage (some of which are the result of comments made on the proposed stage, and some of which may be considered “substantive.”)

Expired Emergency DD Waiver Regulations