Quick Notes that Can Not Wait

December 17, 2020

First, Medicaid has posted the Memo which outlines the rates for the DD Waiver Services (Group Home, Sponsored and Group Day) that increase on January 1st; the rates in the Memo are correct, the categorization is not!  The “Corrected” memo is available here

Second, there is still some confusion over the accounting needed for funds available from the CARES Act through Virginia (DMAS) for day support and residential; some clarification was sent yesterday on allowable expenses to show for Day Support.  Sponsored Residential providers (licensed entities who are the Medicaid provider) are able to use relevant expenses (PPE, extra staffing, etc) including those originally incurred by the sponsor families.   Expenses of sponsor families, however, not reimbursed directly or indirectly though payments in addition to their contracted amount can not be covered under this funding; however, if reimbursement (either by item or in a more general “grant” or payment) is made after October 31, the expense could be used as part of the “Tranche 2” accounting in January.

Last, for today, is that the Tranche 3 is now rolling out from HHS.  As of yesterday, approximately 1,400 have received $120.6 Million; it is the expectation that this roll-out will continue for awhile.