Random Bits of News

September 27, 2017

First – If you follow the national news at all, you know that the most recent attempt to revive the “Repeal and Replace” of the ACA has failed to have sufficient votes in the Senate to bring it to the floor for a vote.  Again, many advocates were resisting the attempt as this version also contained the per capita Medicaid federal funding caps which would have been devastating. Second – On the local level, the FY18 Slot Assignments for the CL and FIS waivers have been released.  We have already begun talking to the members of the “Money Committees” about the surplus of slots in the BI Waiver which are of little interest to most of the eligible individuals.  We tried unsuccessfully last year to divert slots to the FIS Waiver; this year U think we will have greater success! And lastly – DBHDS has released the update on using WaMS has the place to house the provider support plans; the information in the memo appears accurate; we are still working with DBHDS and DMAS to eliminate the administrative burden which will be associated with the online duplication of the Part V.  We still have time, and will make it a priority!