Random Selection Pleases Only Statiticians!

August 15, 2020

The QSR process which is currently overwhelming the already exhausted DD provider community depends on the “random” selection of records for review of a full year (July 2019 through June 2020); random, in this case, is a selection by “service” which does not, of course, result in an even distribution by any other factor – by CSB, by provider, by geographic region, etc.  We have received notice this morning from a member whose “sample” is 33% of their records – a rather extraordinary burden in any time, but certainly unreasonable in “COVID Time.”

While DBHDS was accommodating in reducing the requirements for  documentation clearly duplicative of information which providers have already submitted – see News Posts of August 7th and August 11th – they have not, to date, agreed to reduce the volume of the required submission for individual records. 

We did have potentially productive discussions this past week and understand that DBHDS is “considering” several options including possibly offering a choice for HSAG to come to an office location (or a nearby “borrowed” church basement) in a room allowing proper space with appropriate masking to review the records – a far less costly process both supply cost and personnel resources.  They have considered other options, but no decisions have been made and likely will come too late for providers in Group 1.

We will try to have further conversations about the planned “site visits” and the QIP requirements (the QSR version of a licensing CAP without the regulatory foundation).  At this point, however, HSAG is being reasonable and, if the request is unreasonable in terms of either time or volume, it is the provider’s responsibility to say so!