Rates Are Available!

July 09, 2022

The long awaited rates are available here and a Medicaid Memo should be released very soon – the news, overall, is good for the services included in Item 304 KKKK.  While the Burns & Associates Study resulted in rates for the targeted services to increase on average approximately 31%, the final rate used some additional factors and increased on average by approximately 46%,  We know, of course, that averaging percentages tells you little, but it is a way to show the significance of the new rates.  

The intent was to not only utilize the rate methodology more typically used by DMAS. but to also utilize the funds appropriated.  We will have the opportunity to discuss all of this further at the Fall Conference during the “Rate Setting” Session and to better understand how the process will work going forward. 

The concern that we expressed when the budget was released (see the News Post of 10 June) the new rates will allow for an increase (above the temporary 12.5%) for all of the Therapeutic Consultation Services and for DD Case Management; ID Case Management will retain the 12.5% increase.   

All of these rates are effective for services beginning July 1, 2022.    We appreciate being able to release these numbers in a usable format once they became publicly available!