Rebase and Rebound

April 08, 2021

The first steps of rebase of the DD Waiver rates happened have begun and, seem to be right on target!  A couple of items from yesterday’s discussion:

  • Not related specifically to the “rebase,” the analysis of the impact of the planned increases in the minimum wage which was the subject of our Member Call a few weeks ago will be available in the next couple of weeks.  While there is no immediate “next step,” having the information will give us a lot more leverage with the General Assembly to support the needed increases.
  • The plans for the “rebase” are well described in the presentation from the discussion.  It will be fleshed out and finalized in the coming weeks.  Put simply, the goal is to factor at least the following into the rebased rates:
    • Costs which have increased since 2014,
    • Costs which have increased or decreased because of modifications of requirements (eg., group size of no more than 3 for Community Engagement) since the original rates were estimated,
    • Added costs for DOJ/Quality Assurance requirements, and
    • The planned increases in minimum wage levels in the next 5 years.
  • It is the plan to have the final proposal ready for the General Assembly (and the Governor!) by late summer.  That will fit with the schedule for the development of the Budget for the 2022 Session, but it will mean a significant effort on the part of all providers to prepare and provide the information requested. 
On the BH side, DMAS/DBHDS are rebounding quickly to get everything in place for a July roll-out of the first of the new/improved services.  Details to complicated for a News Post, but watch for training announcements, drafts of Manual sections for comment, Medicaid Memos about rates and any communication for DBHDS Licensing.  Several forms, which may or may not apply for the services which you provide, were released this week:
On the bright side, there is a robust discussion under way about standardization and streamlining forms and procedures.  It seems unlikely to impact in the start-up for the first round, but will be possible in the Fall!