Recovery Is A National Issue, But We Need a Virginia Solution!

July 26, 2020

The Daily Executive Briefing from Open Minds for 24 July detailed the challenges facing providers of both BH and DD services across the country who are faced with the challenges of managing their portfolio.  Monica Oss asked four service line questions:
  • “First, given the newly changed environment, what service lines have a positive margin or are at least break even?
  • Second, what service lines have a negative margin and will draw down on available cash?
  • Third, what service lines are critical to success after the crisis and need stabilization and investment?
  • Lastly, when you put these service lines together and look at the entirety of organizational financial performance, if no changes are made, does the organization have enough cash to make it through the crisis period?”
They are admittedly the questions all of you are asking; they are hard questions, but critical to long term survival.   As we prepare for the Special Session of the General Assembly beginning on the 18th of August, we are asking for solutions to some of these questions.  Here is our agendaplease share it with the Delegates and Senators in your area!