Regulatory Updates!

July 17, 2018

There has been a fair amount of regulatory movement this past week:
  • The DBHDS Licensing Regs to comply with DOJ which we discussed in detail earlier this year have been signed by the Governor and will be posted on 6 August to be effective 1 September;  we have been training on the Root Cause Analysis and Serious Incident Reporting aspects of the requirements and will have additional training available during the VNPP Fall Conference.
  • The addition of the requirement for the VIDES for ICF/IDDs is currently under review by the Secretary’s Office and is “Fast-Track.”
  • The DD Waiver Regs (permanent) are moving quickly through the process and have reached the Governor’s Office – there will be formal public comment when they are released.  We have been doing informal review with interested providers to make reading the fairly hefty tome a bit less intimidating!