Report Released by Budget Conferees

March 10, 2016

Most of what is in the Conference Report is in line with the VNPP Open Letter to the conferees and our Legislative Agenda!
  • Greater specificity is included to ensure that the rates developed by the Burns Rates Study and the formula for determining the SIS Levels/Tiers are not changed during implementation.
  • Some services (Community Guide and Peer Support, Community Coaching, Benefits Planning, and Non-Medical Transportation) are postponed to FY18 – this list does not include Community Engagement!
  • The error in the calculated rate for Sponsored Residential in Northern Virginia was corrected by adding a 24.5% differential.
  • While 355 additional slots were added to the Individual and Family Support Waiver, the reserve slots were reduced from 100 to 40.  Of the new slots, 200 are designated for the those who have waited the longest on the DD Waiver Waitlist!
  • The funds in the Trust Fund must be appropriated specifically by the General Assembly which will give the stakeholders the opportunity to add their thoughts.  $4 Million was appropriated for transition and capital costs (60% for Northern Virginia and 40% for Southwest Virginia).  An additional $750,00 is appropriated for Southwest Virginia in this year.  Preference is to be given to proposals from existing Virginia providers!
  • Language and funds to plan for the closure of Catawba Hospital were removed from the budget and DBHDS was directed to hire a consultant to assist with the recertification of Hancock.
  • Two new PACT teams and child psychiatry services were funded.
While we never get everything on our wish list, this budget reflects much of the VNPP agenda for this year!