Respite Authorizations Extended for ID & DD Waivers

April 12, 2014

For ID Waiver:

1) By May 31, 2014, DBHDS will automatically extend the current respite service authorizations end dates to December 31, 2015; respite providers and individuals will receive a DMAS generated letter, and 2) New service authorizations for respite will be changing to 24 month durations effective April 1, 2014. ID Waiver providers and case managers must align the respite renewal date with the ISP annual date in IDOLS at the next ISP renewal.

For DD Waiver:

1) Service authorizations for respite will be changing to 24-month duration; and 2) Case managers must indicate on the annual plan of care the need for respite including the amount, but will not be required to submit service authorization requests to KEPRO more frequently than every 24 months. New respite admissions, renewals, re-admissions & transfers processed by KEPRO (DD Waiver) or DBHDS (ID Waiver) effective April 1, 2014 for either agency-directed or consumer-directed respite services will be for a 24 month period. See the Medicaid Memo dated April 3, 2014.