Respite Rules Are Changing

November 03, 2017

DBHDS Office of Licensing has apparently eliminated the option for a residential provider for DD Services to have a “respite tract” on their license.  This option, which has been a long standing opportunity, allowed residential providers to utilize appropriate space within their homes to provide respite for individuals whose family needed a “break” or who enjoyed having a “break” from their family. These visits may have been planned or regularly scheduled, but often were requested on short notice because of a family crisis or illness. DBHDS OL has been removing the phrase “respite track” from the residential license addendum, and should be replacing that phrase with a license for respite service which is specific to a location.  In at least some cases the “respite tract” was deleted without notice to the provider. We have begun a dialogue with the Office of Licensing to determine how a provider might be able to respond to an urgent situation by providing respite in a location with appropriate space/capacity which has not been specifically identified on their license. The critical issue today – check your most recent license!