Right Help, Right Now for DD Services!

December 13, 2023

Today at an event sponsored by The Arc of Virginia and hosted by DMAS and DBHDS, the Governor announced that he would include in his proposed budget:

  • Funding for 3,440 new slots for the DD Waivers to “eliminate” the Priority One Wait list, and
  • $600,000 for Special Olympics.  

Roughly (and using the assumptions that the slots would be split 15% CL and 85% FIS) the estimate of $300,000,000 sounds about right — GF for FIS Slots would be ~ $114M and for CL slots would be $49.5M and NGF would be the same.

The Arc is to be commended for all of its work to make this happen and VNPP is very appreciative of the Governor’s attention to the needs and willingness to make this one of his priorities!  We know that this will be a topic of considerable discussion during the Session and are very grateful that it has such a prominent place in his agenda.


We will also focus on the challenge of actually providing the quality services for not only the “new” recipients of the Waiver funding, but also those currently waiting for the provider community to have the capacity to meet their needs.  Workforce continues to be a struggle for all providers.