Right Help, Right Now – Year 2

December 14, 2023

There was perhaps greater emphasis on talking about some substantial accomplishments and on the legislative agenda for the coming year than on specific budget initiatives.  The Governor did, however, announce today that he will include $500M for Behavioral Health in his proposed budget (it appears that includes the $300M that he announced yesterday for DD Waiver slots).  While, there were specific bits announced for more specific services, the details are still unclear. 


The legislative agenda will include (all paraphrased from rough notes):

  • A bill to ensure that a family will have access to and contact with a relative “in custody” who is in crisis
  • Restricting the access to TikTok for youth under 18
  • Ensuring that all social media platforms can not target ads or capture personal data for youth under 18
  • Ensuring that there is a guarantee of parental consent for any social media account
  • Requiring that all social media limit tactics that instigate addiction to using the site and adding tools for parental control


The Governor did indicate an intended increase in school-based services funding from $50,000 to $500,000 and a plan to expand telehealth options for youth age 6 to 12 with parental permission.


I expect more details in both the Press Release and certainly as bill begin to appear on the legislative calendar.