Run – up to the Session

December 14, 2021

Each day there are more indications of what will be in the Governor’s proposed budget, this is the typical process and the releases signal both priorities and legacy framing.  We were invited to do a presentation to the Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee yesterday; while this committee does not deal with the fiscal issues, it does set policy for Health and Human Resources agencies.  The presentation is posted on our Legislative Page.  HWI is a committee in the House of Delegates which will change in both composition and leadership when the new Session starts in January.

We are now waiting for the Governor to release his budget on Thursday (we will have an analysis on the Member Call on Friday morning!).   The predictions for rate increases range from the full rate study ($600M State GF) to retaining the 12.5% after June 30th. And several other possibilities both good and bad.  We will, at least, have a starting point to share on Friday.