Salary Threshold for a Revised Overtime Pay Standard Will Be Revisited

July 03, 2017

The Department of Labor has abandoned it’s appeal of the injunction blocking the implementation of the overtime rule which had been scheduled for implementation at the end of last year (see NewsPost of 23 November, 2016); as has been “telegraphed” since the confirmation hearing of the new head of DOL, they will revisit the salary level which is the threshold for considering an employee exempt from overtime. The previous administration had put that level at $47,476 (up from $23,660) and had included regular increases in the proposed final rule.  The new administration is considering a threshold of “somewhere around $33,00” which seems much more reasonable as an adjustment! This is very good news for us and we should applaud the hard work that ANCOR State Associations (like VNPP and VaACCSES) did in collecting data and developing the arguments that have helped to inform the proposed changes!