Saturday Update

March 21, 2020

The latest version of the Issues List reflects that quite a bit of progress has been made in those issues that are/were most critical; not everything, of course, but all steps in the right direction:
  • The real change, in just the past week, has been the terrific effort that both DMAS and DBHDS have been making to listen, make adaptations within their authority as rapidly as possible, and communicate.
  • In addition, VNPP has added weekly calls for all providers as a way to update and share concerns.
DBHDS has all the relevant information at

DMAS has relevant information on their home page at

There are, as well periodically scheduled calls for all to join and weekly calls for the Associations in both the BH space and the DD space to allow your representatives to collect and convey information, questions, needs and issues.
  • The biggest new information in today’s update is confirmation of the possibility to hire staff and bring them on-board (except in children’s residential services and ICF/IIDs) even without timely access to a Fieldprint site.  The details are briefly described in the Issues List.
  • The most difficult part of this change will be designating an administrative staff to take the responsibility to screen the applicant disclosure statement against the list of Barrier Crimes for those applicants that can not get a timely Fieldprint appointment.
  • Note the list header says July 2017, but the file indicates July 2019; we are waiting for clarification as there have been minor changes in the 2018 and 2019 Sessions.
  • We have also spoken with DMAS concerning these changes and they are aware that Program Integrity changes may be required.
  • As far as we know Child Protective Services checks are still being processed, the requests should still be submitted as they have in the past.
  • The next issue will be requesting a variance to 12VAC35-105-510 re Tuberculosis Screening.  The 30 day timeframe is going to be impossible to meet as the places where tests can be done and read are frequently not accepting appointments for anyone not seriously ill (and, to be fair, are not places you want to be!).
  • We can also confirm the Service Authorizations can be extended for up to 60 days; DMAS was working on getting the “edits” changed in their system. I also received clarification the allowance for retroactive approval for service authorization should have read :ten business days” instead of “ten calendar days” – an official update is coming.
  • We will also attempt to expand the options for telehealth to check-in calls for In-Home Services.
With all that said – we will suspend the Issues List for the time being to concentrate on posting critical issues, being active both at the State and National level to both represent members, but also being sure we have clear, concise information to share. And don’t forget to use the Job Board and join us on Friday at 9am for the Provider’s Call.  Stay safe!