Save Medicaid – No Cuts, No Caps!

June 04, 2017

That is the message the Ray Ratke, VNPP President, and Jennifer Fidura, Executive Director, took to Washington on Friday for a meeting with Senator Kaine’s staff.  Joined by Barbara Merrill, Executive Director of ANCOR, and ANCOR staff, the VNPP Representatives discussed strategy for how to defeat any attempt to cap or cut Medicaid.  You can join the effort be participating in the conversation on June 6th which is the most critical day of the Senate’s deliberation: The Senate will be have its version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) on Tuesday, June 6th call your Senators on that critical day to tell them to not fail people with disabilities and vote NO on the AHCA, it will take less than 5 minutes!  ANCOR members, families and advocates will be on the ground that day for our Hill day and Medicaid rally so your calls will be very effective because they will amplify the message of groups from your state who came to DC. The cuts the current version of AHCA makes to Medicaid are deep AND fundamentally change its nature AND restrict future federal funding for the program. Whether they are Republicans or Democrats, ALL Senators need to hear from you that you feel this is unacceptable! By calling on June 6 you will make that message LOUDER, CLEARER and STRONGER! We make it easy! Here’s how to place a call in less than 5 minutes:
  • Click here to use our call tool – it will ask you to fill out a short form so it can identify your Senators, and will then show you a short script and the phone number for one Senate office.
    • Once you are done and click “make another call” it will show you the number for your second Senator.
    • If you get voicemail, the script is short enough that you can use it for your message.
And that’s all you have to do – all you need is your phone! If you have trouble getting through when calling the offices directly, click here for instructions to call the Congressional switchboard which can help to direct your call (they are there to help!). This page has the same script as our call tool. Have an extra five minutes? Spread the word on Facebook and ask your friends to call Congress by joining our “Tag! You’re a Medicaid Defender” Challenge. It’s easy, just copy-paste the message below in a post and tag 5 friends (or share ANCOR’s post on Facebook)…This is THE MOMENT – call, call, and call again – the future of your Medicaid supports and services depends on it. Together, we can Save our Services!