Session 2016 – Post #2

January 23, 2016

The Member requests for amendments to have been published; these are requests to ”amend” the budget as introduced by the Governor – notably there are no amendment requests to change #306 CCCC which is the central item in the Waiver Redesign package. This should suggest that the language in the Governor’s Budget will remain as written!  Selected key items are listed below: Similar or identical items appear in both House and Senate Amendments
  • Fund Educational Costs for Students Placed in Psychiatric or Residential Treatment Facilities – H/S
  • Increase Rates for Private Duty Nursing-Technology Assisted Waiver & EPSDT Program – H/S
  • Increase Medicaid Rates for Adult Day Health Care Services – H/S
  • Add 800 Individual and Family Support Waivers – H
  • 5,000 Individual and Family Support Waivers for Individuals on Wait List (inc 1,700 from EDCD Waiver)- S
  • Add 1,700 Individual & Family Support Waivers for Individuals on Wait List Receiving EDCD Waiver – H
  • Modify Rate Methodology for New I/DD Waiver for Northern Virginia Providers – H/S
  • Eliminate Independent Clinical Assessment for Children’s Services (language only) – H/S
  • Require 90 Days Notice of Effective Date of New Regulations (language only) – H/S
  • Report on Impact of Mental Health Skill-Building Services Changes (language only) – H/S
  • Paid Sick Leave for Consumer-Directed Care Providers – H/S
  • Pediatric Mental Health Collaborative – H/S
  • Use of Behavioral Health Trust Fund (language only) – H/S
  • Discharge Assistance Planning Funding – H/S
  • Report on Children’s Mental Health Workforce (language only) – H/S
  • Child Psychiatry Loan Repayment Program – H/S
  • Behavioral Health Practitioner Student Loan Repayment Program – H/S
  • Individual and Family Support Services – H/S
Requests in either the Senate or the House with no comparable request in the other chamber
  • Create Reserve Medicaid Waiver Slots for Military Personnel Stationed in Virginia – S
  • Restore Rates – Medicaid Intensive In-home & In-home Support Services & Therapeutic Day Treatment – S
  • Targeted Case Management Choice and Accountability Program – S
Some requests are “language only” which suggests there is no fiscal impact
  • Increase Medicaid Rates for Adult Day Health Care Services (language only) – S
  • Require Annual Review of I/DD Waiver Rates (language only) – H
  • Restore Medicaid Rates-Intensive In-home, In-home Support Svs. & Therapeutic Day Treatment (language only) – H
  • Targeted Case Management Choice and Accountability Program (language only) – H
  • Strategic Plan for Comprehensive Brain Injury Services (language only) – H
  • Pilot Clinical Assessment for Adult Mental Health Services (language only) – H
  • Local Funds to Leverage Medicaid I/DD Waiver Services (language only) – H
  • Modify Auxiliary Grant to Allow Supportive Housing (language only) – H
  • Public Private Partnership for Central Virginia Training Center (language only) – S
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