Session 2021: Day -3

January 10, 2021

With just a few days to go before the official beginning of the Session, we are spending a good deal of time watching for bills to drop and strategizing how to most effectively communicate with the members during the Session.  For openers, there will be fewer bills and that should (?) make it easier to keep track of everything.  As of this evening, we have seen nothing that is particularly problematic or costly to manage; not all bills have “dropped” so there could still be some surprises.  

The budget (items included during the Special Session for implementation in July) seems secure – and we have been assured that our request for language directing DBHDS to complete the Waiver Rate Rebase (and the funding to pay for the work) will be requested as an amendment.  Look at our Legislative Plan for more detail.

Behavioral Health Enhancement is moving along – shortly the revised regulation from DBHDS to bring the licensing definitions into line will be out for comment.  Keep checking the Provider Quicklinks for details.