Slow Days of Summer

August 29, 2022

By the time we get near the end of August, we are tired of the heat and humidity and ready for Fall – or at least, I am!  I have noticed that there has not been as much news lately to share via News Posts and so you have not heard from me as much.  I have, however, been busy!

At this point in the summer we are waiting for the agency budget requests to “drop;”  they are due to the Secretary by Wednesday, but we do not expect to see them posted for awhile yet.  At last count (late last week) Secretary Littel already had 169 requests from his agencies to review. 

Legislative requests from the agencies are also due on the 31st of August.  We don’t expect to see those until much closer to the Session.  We are pushing ahead to finalize the various initiatives that VNPP will pursue this year; and we expect more discussion at the conference in October!  So bring your thoughts and ideas with you.