State Officials Outline the Accomplishments and Challenges for DBHDS

May 05, 2016

At a presentation at the VACSB conference in Portsmouth, Interim Commissioner Barber expressed his hope that the full implementation of the Waiver Redesign will give DBHDS a greater amount of credibility with DOJ and the Court.  He did describe the implementation as a “heavy lift.”  Dr. Barber also emphasized the importance of the CCBHC model as the standard of care going forward.

Karen Kimsey, Deputy Director of DMAS, spoke about the recently issued  MLTSS RFP, the initiatives in SA Services, the Waiver Redesign efforts and the potential for a lawsuit being filed to block the reduction of CD staff hours to no more than 40 hours per week.  The last, of course, is not more than a rumor at this point.

All of these topics are those which will be our focus for this year.