Support for Ukraine’s Disabled Refugees

March 16, 2022

The Virginia Network of Private Providers is supporting aid for Ukrainian refugees (especially those with disabilities) by organizing contributions to our ANCOR partner, Keystone Human Service’s center in Moldova. VNPP will also make a contribution to offset any fees charged by OneCause to facilitate the process.  You may make a contribution here; feel free to share this information with your staff, families and/or other organizations.

“Keystone Human Services remains committed to our work in Eastern Europe supporting people with disability and building a more inclusive world. We strongly condemn the aggression against Ukraine and stand in full support of the Ukrainian people.

“When the bombs first exploded in Ukraine, our employees in Moldova could hear them. The Unitate Community Center run by Keystone Moldova in Tudora is right near the border, and Ukrainians began crossing into Moldova there and at nearby Palanca. We are not a humanitarian aid organization, but this is our community, and Keystone Moldova stepped forward to help.

“We’re looking to people’s immediate needs today, tomorrow, next week—food, shelter, other supplies. We’re also looking at what people will need in the years to come as they rebuild their lives.

“Keystone Moldova has been a trusted NGO in the Republic of Moldova for 20 years, working to make sure people with disability are included in every part of society. We know that crises like this have long-term impacts. Many Ukrainians will stay in Moldova. We’re advocating for policies related to emergency situations that include people with disability. Support is needed to build inclusive infrastructure and social services that account for the needs of refugees with disabilities. Children will need to be included in kindergarten, school, and other services. People will need support as they build their resilience and establish a home for themselves. 

“Today we’re providing a hot meal. We’ll be here tomorrow as people begin looking to the future.

Thank you!