Supports Package Pilots – Update!

December 12, 2018

Some of you were able to listen on the training call for the CSBs selected as the pilot sites for the supports packages; I understand that there were a lot of questions for DBHDS!   Here are the slides for your review. The pilot CSBs are Arlington, Danville-Pittsylvania, New River Valley, Norfolk and Valley. We have now been informed that there will be an additional more detailed training for the CSBs in January and that the “pilot” will be for those annual meetings conducted in February, March and April.  It is the Department’s intent to roll this out across all CSBs in June. Based on a discussion today, we believe that DBHDS will draft and send a letter to all families to inform them of the new expectations and the fact that the SIS score will, in fact, have a bearing on the supports which are available to their family member.  We will share a copy of the letter when it is available as families will, no doubt, have questions!