Take Time Today . . .

November 23, 2023

To remember to be thankful for what we have:

  • For the staff who work hard and provide outstanding support to the individuals we serve – even if someone called out for their shift at the last minute and you are working in their place!
  • For those who respond to the mental health crises that always seem to be more acute in the Holiday Season;
  • For the families that trust us with the care of their loved one, and
  • For your family that understands your passion and does not complain about the long hours and interrupted meals!

For myself and on behalf of the VNPP Board of Directors, we are proud to say we represent an amazing group of dedicated providers of services for the developmentally disabled, those with behavioral health challenges and crises, and for those with a debilitating brain injury.  

We hope you do have a Happy Thanksgiving!