TDT “Will Look Different in the Future”

April 07, 2017

Representatives from DMAS, Magellan, DBHDS, and the private sector associations met to discuss Therapeutic Day Treatment. The intent is to take a closer look at the utilization and examine the quality and effectiveness of the service. Magellan’s numbers indicate steady usage but no “spikes”. Discussions centered around span billing and the difficulty for Magellan to examine what is being provided on a daily basis and whether it’s warranted. Additionally, there seems to be a focus on the length of stay in the service and whether there are service gaps to allow for other options when clients are not appropriate for the TDT or no longer need TDT. The group is tasked with examining what these gaps might be and providing feedback. Tammy Whitlock, DMAS, stated that TDT “will look different” in the future. The group plans to get back together in 2-3 weeks.