TDT Workgroup Ends!

May 23, 2017

In a message from Tammy Whitlock, DMAS, received today, she has announced that the work of the TDT Workgroup will be folded into a larger effort: “After this workgroup was planned, the Commonwealth began working with Dr. Benjamin Miller, Director of the Farley Health Policy Center at the University of Colorado and a national expert on integrated behavioral health, who through a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is exploring ways to best advance the integration of behavioral health. The goal of this work in partnership with DMAS is to consider a plan to redesign the overall delivery system and continuum of community-based mental health services. Dr. Miller and his team are in the process of analyzing Medicaid data and assessing current services including Therapeutic Day Treatment.¬† They are working with DMAS on the development of a comprehensive continuum of evidence-based behavioral health services that incorporates evidence-based best practices and links payment to performance on quality measures and outcomes in all settings including schools, primary care practices, and the community.¬†Transforming our system to promote the integrated behavioral and physical health that results in the best outcomes for our vulnerable members is essential as we carve these services into the Managed Care plans under the Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus and Medallion 4.0 programs. ” The entire text of her message can be found on the Behavioral Health Member’s page.