The “Ask”

March 02, 2024

This message is pretty simple – in order to build the capacity needed to provide quality services in the DD Waivers for an additional 3,440 in the full range of service options expected even with the staged roll out over two years, we need to build the capacity of the system.   Several proposed changes this Session will help –

  • 3% rate increase for key services each year (#288 5h), which we hope the Senate will match, and
  • Extended options for identifying and beginning services once the slot is allocated (HB577 & SB610).


On the BH side of the house, there is a strong focus and funding for Crisis Services and several specific measures which will facilitate the delivery of those services.   However, the language in the introduced budget (Item 288 XX) combined with the plan to implement the new MCO contract this fiscal year, will at best, cause a great deal of unnecessary turmoil in the service system which will inevitably lead to loss of service for some of the most in need.  We would support a more measured approach as described in #288 11s.

The “Ask!”