The Case for Inclusion – The UCP Report

December 08, 2016

This report, which has been published annually since 2006 by United Cerebral Palsy, “ranks all 50 States and the District of Columbia (DC) not on their spending but on their outcomes for Americans with ID/DD. The Case for Inclusion is a tool that gives us: glimpses at how well each individual state is performing overall; how each state matches up against other states regarding key data measures; the policies and practices of top performing states that may be considered as best practices; and, most importantly, the trends and trajectory of how states are—or are not— improving. [“The Case for Inclusion,” United Cerebral Palsy, 2016] Virginia ranks 39th — up from 41st in 2015! “The Case for Inclusion’s five major outcome areas align, as indicated, with the following four-part holistic approach:
  • Promoting Independence
  • Promoting Productivity
  • Keeping Families Together and Reaching Those in Need
  • Tracking Health, Safety & Quality of Life”

Thank you to Dennis Brown for bringing it to our attention!