There Is a New Day in the Commonwealth

November 05, 2019

It will take time to sort out the details and analyze the impact on the provider community, but at 10:30p on election night:
  • The Democrats have secured majorities in both the House (by at least 4) and the Senate (by 1 seats);
  • The results represent a gain of two seats for the Democrats in the Senate and a gain of at least five seats in the House;
  • Functionally, this will mean new majorities and new chairmen of all committees; and
  • There will be a new Speaker of the House.
It will take a couple of days to sort out our best expectations about what we expect the organization will be and who will be the key players; but that will be our focus for the next few days! Your job is to learn who represents your District in the House and the Senate and make an appointment to meet with him/her as soon as possible; especially if they areĀ  new to their role in the General Assembly you should take this opportunity to educate and build a relationship!