There Is No Road Map for This Session

August 02, 2021

It seems very odd and awkward that even though we are back in person for the 2021 Special Session II; there is no road map to follow.  The “fix is in” with little interest in listening or understanding the concerns/position of the various advocacy groups. 

We maintain that:

  • There is little to bolster the community support system for either children or adults needing mental health support; it is all about the crisis of the state facilities.  And,
  • The 12.5% boost for DD Waiver rates which spans services from July through December is great (generous, even), but it does not span the critical six months from January to July when the minimum wage increase occurs.  As we have said – a short term solution for a long term problem!

We should have the very preliminary data today for the projected “rebase” of the rates.  It is still early days, but with the minimum wage increases in January 2022 and January 2023 being the critical factors, the projected increases in rates average 52%, with most of the core services increasing by 30% or more.  Certainly this will add credibility to the issues that we are discussing – without the funds to build a wage plan that is competitive,  we may not survive and certainly will not be able to expand capacity!

Language to support emergency closure of group homes is included in the budget – clearly some acknowledgement that we are in a seriously bad spot!