This Time Next Year?

May 13, 2020

One of the things that is becoming more and more obvious is that the pandemic and resultant dramatic change in life style will have long lasting effects:
  • Neiman-Marcus (long one of the most exclusive “department stores”) has declared bankruptcy,
  • Twitter has offered their employees the option to work from home permanently which, if copied by many large companies, will change the entire culture and economy of the cities and suburbs where the skyscraper office buildings have been built,
  • Large concert venues may be a thing of the past, and
  • Parts of our industry may look very different.
There has been a fair amount of conversation about allowing the continued use of Telehealth for some therapies and interventions on an ongoing basis.  It can be less expensive (and, therefore, cheaper for the state to fund), it can work well for some, in some locations and for some types of service, and, by the time we all feel comfortable being in face-to-face situations, it will feel like the new normal.  But does it really reach those most in need?  This article from the VPM (Virginia Public Media) website yesterday shares the challenges faced by a school division, what is conspicuously absent in the article is that Therapeutic  Day Treatment, which was virtually eliminated in the past twelve months as an option in most places, may have been an option to supplement the efforts of the school – telehealth to be sure, but a bit more flexible. Open Minds focused on LTSS in this morning briefing (remember VNPP Members, you can access all of the Open Minds articles and research for free!); we found this particular article about the possible impact of the pandemic on Nursing Homes to be very informative.  If true – the pressure on the availability of staff with increased competition in the community will be even greater!