Training – CHRIS and Other Topics

February 15, 2020

“CHRIS Training  (posted 14 February, 2020)
  • We are trying to clarify whether the “Required” CHRIS training this next week is different from the training most recently done.  Scheduling all sessions of “required” training for the same day, of course, presents logistical problems for many!”
First, thank you to Jae Benz who was still texting me after 10pm to try to clarify the question posted yesterday about the CHRIS Training:
  • DBHDS is stating that the trainings on the “proper” use of the CHRIS system will be a monthly training which began in November after the most recent changes. There was a comprehensive Guidance Document dated 29 November, 2018) re-released on October 1, 2019 which is posted on TownHall.
  • A review of the training materials for the three sessions which have already occurred show a number of “repeat” topics and a re-read of the email announcements do not suggest, at least to me, that the training is designed as a series.
This is less about the CHRIS training than it is about the larger picture.  As we ramp up for the final push for DOJ, there will, by necessity, be a major investment by DBHDS in creating and disseminating “training materials” to assist the provider community to come into compliance. At the last DOJ Stakeholder’s Meeting we briefly discussed communication strategies – it will also be on out list to discuss at the coming meeting.  Providers are currently stressed for time and staff; we will need to build a comprehensive training schedule to include specifics about topics, and record trainings in a format that they can be accessed at a later date or different time, if they are “mission critical!”